Aviation Services

If you are planning overseas flights, Fast Aviation will arrange:

  • Flight clearances
  • Landing permits

Permissions and diplomatic clearance and traffic rights can be obtained for any fixed wing aircraft (including microlights) and helicopters.  Whether you are a private pilot or operating corporate, relief, cargo/passenger charter or ferry operations, Fast Aviation will make it easy for you.

Fast Aviation’s services are provided to you at a highly competitive  price.

Fast Aviation operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.  Whether time is essential or you are planning well-ahead, our expertise will make sure that flight clearances are something that you don’t have to worry about.

It can take some time to get a permit for some countries, so please contact us today to make sure you avoid any delays. Our experts will be able to advise you immediately.

Why you need Fast Aviation

Wherever you are, wherever you want to go in the world we can help you.

Fast Aviation and/or landing, technical, commercial or traffic clearances (permits) are required in many countries prior to an aircraft entering their airspace or landing at an airport.

Fast Aviation will be your guide and assist you with the unfamiliar requirements and regulations, using up-to-the-minute information on developments which may affect your itinerary.

Type of aircraft

We organize international flight clearance permits for all types of aircraft:

  • corporate jets
  • passenger charter
  • cargo charter
  • ferry operations
  • relief and emergency flights
  • helicopters
  • ex-military aircraft
  • vintage aircraft
  • micro lights