Permits and Slots

Application for and confirmation of Permits to overfly and land in specific countries, and Airport slots to arrive at a given time in slot-controlled airports.

Over flight: Application to relevant Government department for Permit

Landing Permits: Airspace entry points and times per your itinerary. Permit Number passed to Flight Department or printed on Operational Flight Plan. Resolution for Refused permits (eg. for outstanding Navigation fees) discussed with Authority. Itinerary Changes Transmitted and confirmed at no charge.

Diplomatic Permits: Diplomatic Clearance for, politically sensitive flights, Dangerous Goods, etc. Use of our existing contact network across Government agencies, Ministry of Transport, and Civil Aviation Authorities. Required Documentation collected and submitted on your behalf.

Short Notice Permits: arranged via phone with our MoT/CAA contacts, where normal notice time is not possible. Short notice (less than 2 hours) available on a case by case basis.

Airport Slots: Arrangement of arrival and departure slots for Slot-controlled Airports

Agents Fees Some specific countries’ CAA departments require the use of a local agent. Where we do not have our own staff we will pass on Agent Fees at cost without any additional fee.